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In residence at the Footscray Artsbox
November & December 2016

In residence at Footscray Artsbox

Old Tech New Decks will be in residence at the Footscray Artsbox turning their quirky investigation of the sounds of old technology into music. A whole album’s worth of music! And they need you to come and make noise.

4th NOVEMBER – 22nd DECEMBER 2016

A hypnotic symphony of nostalgic sounds

Sell-out shows and winner of the Best Music Award at the Melbourne Fringe

Old Tech New Decks is about creating new music using old technology, and has performed to sell out crowds at both the Melbourne and Adelaide Fringe festivals. Clacking typewriters, bleeping DOS games, screechy dial-up modems and melodious Nokia ringtones are just some of the sounds which weave their way through this blast from your aural past.

With new music from living Australian composers written especially for this ensemble of out-dated tech, woven together with digital DJ decks and some audience participation, Old Tech New Decks brings new music out of the concert hall and into the Fringe.



It changed how I hear the world.

Melbourne Fringe Festival audience

An ear party of unsettling sounds.

Melbourne Fringe Festival audience

Marvellous, funny, super fun and highly recommended!

Melbourne Fringe Festival audience

The Fringe-y-est show ever!

San Diego Fringe Festival representative

The Composers

Vanessa Nimmo

Vanessa Nimmo

Composer, Performer, Producer, Teacher

Vanessa never could stop singing, so its fortunate that these days its part of her job. After finishing her composition degree she worked with Diana Nixon producing music theatre shows with young casts, and has also written and performed music for various cabarets in Canberra and Melbourne.
Her multi-faceted arts career has included dance performance and teaching, music arrangement for film, new music composition and performance and instrumental and vocal teaching. Her current Melbourne work is focussed on bringing experimental music out of concert halls and into chilled out venues where it can have a beer and a bit of a chat. Or is it the audience that gets to do that?

Matt Rankin

Matt Rankin

Composer, Arranger, Keyboardist, Software Engineer

Matt spent his youth learning piano, playing too many video games and transcribing the music from those video games into MIDI files. At some point he ran out of tunes to midify and started writing his own.
Later he earned degrees in composition and computer science. As a composer, he spends a lot of time with electronic instruments and fake orchestras. As a composer-programmer he has conducted research into algorithmic composition and live-coding performance, and has begun taming the Schillinger System of Composition using a node-based model. In order to fool people into thinking he’s a normal grown-up he also works as a developer writing mobile apps for grain farmers.

Join us at the Footscray Artsbox

Old Tech New Decks played to sold-out audiences at the Melbourne and Adelaide Fringe festivals – now you can be involved with the recording of the album. Matt has built a custom iPad app that allows us to compose music with the sounds YOU make.

Type on the typewriter and play our computer games while we compose music, or you can have a go at making music yourself. We encourage you to bring your own old technology down to the Artsbox so we can record the great sounds of your old tech!

4th November – 22nd December 2016 (closed Nov 5th & 7th)
Weekdays 3 – 7 pm  /  Weekends 2 – 5 pm
No charge for entry

Can’t make these times? Get in touch to arrange an alternate time.
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